Office Lockers, Geelong

Office lockers are useful for staff to store personal items and can be introduced for any office space as a personal storage area for handbags, personal stationery, iPads and more! Lockers are essential for staff who work night shift and large workplaces where staff can’t keep their personal items with them. John Orchard Office Furniture stocks a variety of lockers suitable for office use in our Geelong showroom.

Not just for personal use, lockers can be used as an alternative storage solution for stationery, kitchen items, books, technology and much more. If your office is a creative space you might find lockers to be a more quirky storage option thanĀ cupboards and drawers. Why don’t you talk to our friendly staff about ideas for your office, we’re sure to help you find the perfect combination of furniture for your needs, budget and space. If you’re browsing storage options you might like to look at a compactus for your Geelong business, a space-saving alternative to open shelving.